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How to Upgrade your Spa products on a Budget

Quality of work and the comfort of clients is the main objective of every spa. However, the outward appearance of the salon and the overall design are equally important in gaining and keeping clients. The design of the spa speaks volumes about the professionalism and proficiency of the business. If this is not updated regularly, clients get the perception that the business is not upgrading its services as well. In the beauty industry, it is extremely important to remain up to date and provide the most modern products and services to clients. If you are upgrading your services only, and not the décor, you might not be as successful.

It is true that upgrading your spa design and décor can get costly. This is why upgrading it regularly might seem expensive. However, this is not always true. There are many ways that salons can upgrade their products and the décor without spending a lot of money. Keep reading this blog to find out how.

Reception desks:

Salon reception desks and are the first area of your salon that your clients will notice. It is like a first impression of your spa, where some clients decide whether or not to make an appointment. Global technological advancements have made it necessary for each and every business to invest in new technology. Decluttering and replacing PCs with sleek laptops and iPads is a good way of improving the image of your salon. However, if you do not have the budget for that, you can replace your salon furniture.

There are quite a few cheap options available for salon reception furniture at salondirectgroup. It is vital to pick a theme for the reception area and make sure that the furniture matches the theme. If you are going for a modern theme, a wooden spa reception desk is a good idea. It complements almost every theme and gives a good balance between a classic style and nature. This desk is sleek and does not take up a lot of space. Along with this desk, adding a few plants and scented candles for a pleasant aroma will improve the environment. Moreover, the receptionist should be well-aware of every aspect of the salon and should be well-organized. The chairs for salon waiting area should also be comfortable and the area should not be congested. Adding entertainment like magazines, newspapers and some games is a good idea, so that clients do not get bored.


Spa Products:

It is of course, essential to upgrade your spa products regularly. Clients are expecting comfort and complete relaxation when they visit a spa, so the furniture should be good quality and very comfortable. Salon equipment can become outdated really quickly due to so many new models being introduced almost every day. Customers are also aware of the changing trends and they expect spas to have the most modern furniture and equipment. It is important, however, to stay in budget. For this purpose, spas should invest in furniture that is good quality, modern and is in the price range. Therefore, research is extremely important. Looking for and comparing products before purchasing them is always beneficial. High prices do not always mean good quality and spa owners need to be careful of this.

Beauty Beds:

Beauty beds are one of the most essential pieces of furniture in a spa. Clients spend most of their time on these beds, so it is important for spa owners to pay special attention to these. Start-ups do not have enough budget to invest in spa beauty beds as they can be expensive, so they can begin with cheap beauty beds. These beauty massage tables are extremely comfortable, and they are a reasonable option for individuals just starting their business out. They are made of high-quality PVC leather which makes them look luxurious and are the best option for massage beds. The height can be adjusted which makes it useful for the employees and clients alike. It comes with a carrying bag which also makes it easier for businesses providing home delivery services. It is portable and can be assembled quickly and easily, making it an excellent option, in terms of both quality and value for money. 


Another option that will ensure that the clients love their experience at the spa is a Cosmetic bed. This bed has the most comfortable mattress with servomotors that allow easy adjustment of the bed for both the clients and the employees. It has a very modern design, which will make it an excellent option for modern spas. The aesthetic of the spa is an important consideration of clients as it is the place where they come to relax. A modern décor with modern furniture is what the clients are demanding in today’s day and age. Other than for massage purposes, it can also be used by individuals operating cosmetic procedures. The modern look and the high level of comfort will ensure that you gain new customers. It is one of the best investments you will make for your spa!


Electric beauty beds are all the hype these days. They have added features for comfort which have made them popular among customers. This one has three motors which adjust the height, the inclination of the backrest and the inclination of the seat, all of which can be adjusted according to clients’ needs. The footrests are also adjustable, and it has a removeable headrest cushion and facial hole. The foam is fast recovery and is a high-density PVC foam, which makes it comfortable and durable as well. The white color gives it a modern look. It is difficult to find good quality electric beauty beds at this price, that too with a two-year warranty. It has become a necessity to have electric beauty beds and salon massage chairs in spas these days. 

picture-4Salon Trolley:

Salon trolleys are another essential for spas and beauty clinics. These ensure that all products needed are always accessible. While giving massages or any other beauty treatment to clients, it is important that their experience is enjoyable and there are no disturbances. It is important to make sure that all products are ready beforehand and there are no hindrances while the procedure is going on. Beauty trolleys help with that. They allow all products to be stored in one place, and they are portable as well. This trolley has three trays, allowing a range of products to be stored in it. The white color gives it a modern touch, which is pleasing to the eye. It has rubberized wheels as well, making it durable. Salon trolleys are very cheap, and they last you a long time. They are an essential because they ensure that all the products and equipment needed is always at hand, and they can easily be moved around. Therefore, it is wise to make an investment in a few beauty trolleys on wheels for your spa. 

picture-5Beauty Stool:

Another small but important investment for a salon is a beauty stool. These are very cheap so are a good option for start-ups as well. A beauty stool may seem unnecessary, but it can be extremely useful for providing a number of treatments. Examples include manicures, pedicures and even massages. These stools will be used by employees so their comfort should be an important consideration. When the workers will be comfortable, it will reflect in their work and consequently, the customers will be satisfied. Since the workers are in contact with clients all day, and it is their work that can increase the number of clients, so it is vital to pay attention to their needs and comfort as well. For a modern spa, a pink beauty stool can be a good option as it is a bright color which can help relax the clients. This stool is made from a high-quality eco-leather which makes it very comfortable. It has an adjustable height, making it appropriate for workers of all heights. It has a backrest as well, which ensures that the employees do not get back pains and can maintain their posture. Most beauty stools do not have backrests and can cause back aches. Moreover, the stool has wheels making it portable. All of these features make this stool a must-have for all spas. 

picture-6DFZK2fWFUVc0kPedicure Chairs:

An important service that every spa provides is a pedicure. Pedicures are very popular among clients. They are very satisfying procedures as both cleanliness and relaxation can be achieved through them. Investing in good quality pedicure chairs is essential as these can help gain many clients. Comfort of the clients, of course, should be the first priority of spa owners. Pedicure chairs should not just be evaluated on how the procedure can be performed on them, but also on how comfortable they are. This is because customers will spend a lot of time on these. These days, pedicure chairs come with an added massage function, which make them extra comfortable for the clients. These are very popular among customers and high in demand. For this reason, they are being sold at high prices. However, Salon direct group is selling these at the most reasonable prices.

The spa pedicure chair is an amazing choice, even for start-ups due to its very reasonable price. It is a hydraulic chair, allowing height adjustment, making it suitable for clients and employees alike. The white color gives it a modern look, which is the aesthetic in trend these days. It has a swivel with a blockade and also a manually adjustable footrest, which is ideal for a pedicure. For ease of the employees, there is a stone plate where the pedicure bowl can be placed. All of these features make it an ideal chair, in terms of quality and price, for a pedicure.


Another very popular piece of furniture is the pedicure massage chair. It provides the function of both a pedicure and a back massager as well. It gives the perception that clients are gaining more value for money by getting two services in the price of one. The chair is made from the most comfortable material. With a back-massage function, the chair comes with an electronic seat control and the front and back rests depending on the needs of the customer. The footrest is also adjustable, which is an ideal quality of every pedicure chair. After a pedicure treatment on this chair, your clients will leave feeling extremely relaxed and they will come back for more. Therefore, this chair is a necessary addition to your spa. The black color will make it stand out from the other equipment in the salon, and the clients will like to experience it. There is a classic look to this chair, so it will go well with both the modern and classic aesthetics. 

picture-8Foot Massager:

A foot massager is an essential for every spa that provides pedicure services. Without a foot massager, a pedicure is incomplete, so it is important to invest in one. Clients expect an excellent foot massage when they come in for a pedicure and this foot massager will help with that. The acupressure and massage surface provide stimulation of the sole and the foot and the infrared heating provides thermal therapy. The temperature can be maintained according to the customer’s preference. The device then maintains a constant temperature which can help relax tired muscles. The feet can also be massaged without water, if the clients prefer that. It has a 90-watt power and another feature that adds relaxation is vibration. Foot massagers are pretty cheap but at the same time an important investment, as they can change the way the client feels about the pedicure. Therefore, it is a sensible option to purchase these.

picture-9Manicure Desk:

Manicures are another important service that spas provide. Owning the proper equipment is the first step in making your service popular among clients and in standing out from competitors. First and foremost, it is essential to have a manicure table. A simple, yet spacious table is a very good option. A manicure requires a lot of small tools that should always be accessible to the employees. This desk with a large cabinet and four drawers makes it ideal for storing all the products. Moreover, the table has an adjustable height, so that clients and employees both can be comfortable. It has a very elegant design, and the white color fits in well with an overall modern theme. Most spas do not invest in a manicure desk and use normal tables for the procedure. This is possible, but it makes the spa seem unprofessional. The clients can lose confidence in the quality of the service provided, so it is always better to invest in a manicure table. 

picture10LED Nail Lamp:

An LED nail lamp dryer is yet another cheap addition that you can make to your spa. It adds professionalism to a manicure and can make it seem much more proficient. It is the new hype and almost all spas now have one for their manicures. It quickly and evenly cures all gels and uses LED technology through a white light that is not tiring for the eyes. It has an energy-saving light source with high power and dual wavelengths and a built-in motion sensor that can be set at different timers. It also has a low heat mode which can be turned on if the customer requires. It eliminates the burning sensation of applying gels, so it saves the clients some discomfort. This will be appreciated by them. The device makes it easier to control time and is also more accurate than doing it manually. Also, it has a lifetime of 50 hours, so it will surely last you through two days without needing a recharge. These features make it an essential tool for every spa. 


We have observed how a spa owner can update their salon products even at a low budget. Every spa needs an upgrade at least two or three years. This is because the beauty industry is evolving every day and it is important to stay up to date with the new trends. However, there are always ups and downs and it is not always possible to purchase new furniture and equipment. Proper research and skill are required to upgrade spa products, even when the budget is low. Sometimes, investing in cheap equipment can increase sales by a large extent as customers are looking for professionalism and skill.

Just as it is important for spa owners to update regularly, all salon owners should promote regularly as they are part of the beauty industry as well. If you are a salon owner, looking forward to update your salon chairs on a low budget, and appear professional as well, check out this Blog. Therefore, budget is an important consideration when upgrading your spa products, and there quite a few ways you can do that. 


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