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Making Over and Renovating Your Hair Salon



Renovating a hair salon can be a rewarding project, but it also comes with some challenges. To avoid wasting money on unnecessary aspects, it is essential to conceptualize a brand before getting started. If you are giving a makeover to your salon on a budget, a modern and minimalist look can help you offer your clientele a bright, clean, and streamlined environment to enjoy. Here are some tips and must-have accessories.

Redesign Your Reception Area

Your salon’s reception area is the first and last aspect your clients will notice. Designing a comfortable, bright, and clean reception area can help you create the first impression you want to give.

Because this is usually a high-traffic area, make sure you have a reception desk that will hide your paperwork, while also being inviting. Adding a comfortable waiting area with couches, magazines, and music can help your customers make the most out of this time. And, if you need a quick and inexpensive tip to freshen up your reception area, paint it with bright, neutral colours. Don’t forget to make your Wi-Fi available!

Streamline the Stations

Your hair salon’s stations are the place where everything happens. In this area, you will need all of your tools and equipment. And, when these tools are not properly stored and hidden, the stations can look messy and cluttered.

Therefore, you can give your stations a whole new makeover just by adding clever storage spaces. Bins and hidden drawers can help you store away your tools while also making them readily available when you need them. If your budget is greater, you might also invest in styling units, trolleys, and barber stations that come with concealing drawers.

Create a Bright and Airy Environment

When renovating a hair salon, the style and decor are just as important as functionality. You can merge the two aspects by opting for a minimalist, organic, and eco-friendly environment. Some tips to achieve this modern style include upgrading your lighting, swapping the curtains to let natural light in, and adding mirrors to reflect the light.

Additionally, using natural materials for your furniture, such as wood or bamboo, can make the environment more relaxing for your clientele. Lastly, opt to decorate with plants instead of investing in artworks and unnecessary details. Plants can help you give your salon a touch of colour and freshness, while also being easy to replace and move around.

Complete the Brand

For a quick hair salon makeover, you can use some details to complete the brand. Start by repainting your salon in bright, modern, and neutral colours that complete your colour scheme and inspire cleanliness, calm, and exclusivity.

Alternatively, redesigning your floor plan can help you give a new look to your salon without having to invest in pricey upgrades. Lastly, don’t forget about what really brings to life your salon: your staff! Upgrade their uniforms and make sure they are in line with your brand and image.


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