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How to Maintain a Safe, Secure and Hygienic Salon

Maintaining proper hygiene in a salon is the most important trust towards gaining your clients’ trust. Especially during the turbulent times of COVID-19, proper safety has become extremely important for customers and it should be the top priority of salon owners. Cleanliness and safety measures can really bring value to your business. It will maintain and increase the credibility and the public image of the salon. New customers will be attracted, and existing ones will recommend it to others if proper health measures are in place. These steps will ensure a clean, healthy environment for the customers and employees both.

Other than the standard COVID-19 SOPs, there are a few things that salon owners can do that can really make a difference in terms of hygiene of the space. There are several special equipment available at Salon direct group for cleanliness and sanitization purposes. Using these will ensure that every tool in your salon is squeaky clean. Salon owners should make it the staff’s responsibility to carry out these procedures. Here are a few tips you can follow to properly maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Clean AND Disinfect:

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different procedures and it is important to perform both. Cleaning involves removing any dirt, build up or debris and it should be done regularly. Disinfecting is removing any bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms. Every nook and corner of your salon should be cleaned regularly. With so many customers visiting every day, it is likely to become dirty really quickly. From salon chairs to the tools, reception desk and salon waiting chairs should be mopped and dusted regularly as well. When it comes to disinfecting, a spray disinfectant can be suitable to clean the chairs after every use and an all-purpose disinfectant to clean the tables and other furniture.

The Barbicide disinfecting spray is an excellent option as it is made specifically for salons. it effectively destroys all fungi, bacteria and viruses and contains no aldehydes. It is suitable for most kinds of surfaces. It can be used on machines and tools as well. The absence of aldehydes ensures that there are no allergic reactions to either the customers or staff. It has a thorough pressure which can remove hair and other dirt from small nooks and corners. It has surely become an essential, especially during the pandemic.


Keep Clients’ and Employees’ Hands Clean:

We are all well aware of the importance of keeping our hands clean and sanitized. It is vital for staff to wash their hands after every customer visit and to ensure that everyone entering the salon sanitizes their hands, if not washes. Sanitizing is obviously more convenient than washing but it should be ensured that the sanitizer is extremely effective in killing germs and bacteria. The APIS Antibacterial Hand Disinfectant Gel is the perfect option. It contains alcohol which will actively get rid of any bacteria or microorganisms present and will surely disinfect hands. It is also an absolute must-have in every salon. Moreover, it is not harmful for the skin. Another step that can be taken is to make sure employees use gloves. However, they should be replaced and thrown out after every use.


Disinfecting Tools and Equipment:

Your tools and equipment are used so many times and they need to be disinfected after every single use. There are two ways to do this: sterilization and disinfection. Tools can be easily popped into the sterilizer and they will come out squeaky clean. For this purpose, the Germix UV-C Sterilizer is an excellent option. It is very simple to use and portable as well. It is a UV sterilizer which can quickly destroy all microorganisms. It performs the procedure quickly and you can do it in front of your clients to help them gain trust in your hygiene. It is heatless so it can be used for plastic and metal tools like scissors, tweezers and combs. 


Another way is to disinfect your tools and accessories using Barbicide. This is a highly concentrated preparation for professional disinfection is hairdressing salons and beauty salons. it actively destroys all bacteria, fungi and viruses and does not cause allergic reactions or irritation. Acrylic surfaces, stainless steel tools, plastic combs, brushers, rollers, scissors and cosmetic tools can be cleaned with this effectively. It can also be used to clean blades and cutters as well. Performing the procedure in front of clients can greatly improve their trust in your salon. The tools can be disinfected in 3 to 10 minutes. It also has a rust protection formula. Overall, it is the perfect choice for keeping all equipment in your salon sterilized. 


Using a Non-Contact Disinfecting Dispenser:

A Non-Contact Disinfectant Dispenser is the most demanded product nowadays. It can be placed anywhere; on a table or even on the wall. The specialty of the product is that no contact is needed to get the product. Just placing the hand below the dispenser automatically delivers the right amount of liquid into the hand. This way chances of germs being transferred are close to none, as no one actually touches the machine. No contact means no transfer of germs. It is very compact so it can be placed anywhere. Installing four of five dispensers in different parts of the salon can prove to be really helpful. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can operate for a long time without being charged.


Therefore, these are all the ways a salon can maintain proper hygiene and safety of the salon. While it is important to keep equipment and beauty salon furniture clean, it is equally important to replace it regularly too. Reusing some products too many times can lead to them wearing out and using worn out equipment can have a negative impact on the customers. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it has become necessary to adhere to health and safety standards as not doing so can put you out of business. For more detail on essential products for your spa and salon, check out this blog

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