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How to Maintain a Clean and Hygienic Salon and Increase Clients Satisfaction



Keeping your salon clean and sanitised can help you reduce the risk of cross-contamination, protect your business's image, and maintain your clientele's trust. Because of the high number of clients and staff members passing through, keeping hygiene standards high has always been essential. However, increasing these standards has never been as important as it is today, especially in light of the pandemic. Keeping your premises clean does not have to be challenging - just follow the tips below. 

Introduce Strict Workplace Protocols

Germs, viruses, and bacteria can quickly spread through the workplace and contaminate your staff members and clientele. Introducing stricter protocols and checklists is an efficient way to keep up your cleaning schedule and ensure that no aspects are forgotten. Understand what surfaces and tools need to be sanitised and cleaned, then create a schedule. Brief and train your staff to make sure that they all follow salons' best practices.

Encourage a Better Cleaning Routine

A cleaning routine can help you keep up with your cleaning tasks. Start by giving each of your staff members precise roles. Once your cleaning routine is in place, all aspects should be covered, from daily to monthly tasks. Not all salons have the same equipment or furniture, so you will need to create a checklist that works for your premises.

However, your infection control system should include four aspects:

  • Cleaning
  • Sanitation
  • Disinfection
  • Sterilisation

Embrace a Single-Use Approach

In a salon, it is important that each customer receives the highest standards of service. Therefore, if you had been using the same tools or instruments for more than one, you should now embrace a single-use approach for each customer. So, you can minimise the risk of cross-contamination and keep your clients and staff safe.

For non-single-use items such as towels, make sure you are washing them at a temperature of 100℃, and you never re-use them or leave them on the floor.

To communicate this level of attention to detail, you might also decide to use sealed tools.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

Salon couches, beauty beds, and barber chairs are commonly made of vinyl or PVC. These materials are incredibly resistant and extremely easy to clean. It is important that you keep your furniture clean by wiping them down every time a customer leaves.

At the end of the day at work, ensure you are spending extra time to clean and sanitise all the surfaces. If you have noticed that your salon furniture has started to look worn down or outdated, don't be afraid to invest in new items. Indeed, scratches and holes in your furniture make it more difficult to keep it clean and safe.

Keep Disinfectant Wipes at Hand

Ideally, you should be cleaning and sanitising each station and area of your salon every time a customer leaves and in between tasks. However, hair or beauty salons are also busy, extremely dynamic places, and your staff need to work hard to keep up service standards.

Therefore, sometimes, there is no time for continuous deep-cleaning tasks. In this case, disinfectant wipes can help you. Indeed, by keeping them at hand, you can use them to wipe down every surface quickly and effectively, without disrupting your workflow.

Sterilise Your Instruments

Buying single-use instruments and tools for your daily tasks might be impossible, especially because of this choice's cost. Nonetheless, customers must feel safe and comfortable when entering your salon. That is why you should consider investing in salon equipment sterilisation devices or ultrasonic cleaners. These salon accessories might represent an investment at first, but they can help you always have all the tools you need clean, sanitised, and ready to use when a customer walks through the door.

Introduce a Sanitation Station

Even if you have encouraged and trained your staff members to follow precise hygiene and cleanliness guidelines, there is always a factor over which you have less control: your customers. Indeed, cross-contamination can also happen between your clientele and your staff, which can then transfer bacteria, fungi, and viruses onto other clients.

Therefore, it is important to help the customers keep us their hygiene standards as well. You can do so by creating stylish sanitation station at the entrance of your business. Make sure it includes a tap and basin for them to wash their hands and hand sanitiser.

Keep High Personal Hygiene Standards

Personal hygiene of you and your staff is necessary to increase your business's cleanliness and hygiene. However, personal hygiene is also paramount when trying to communicate the right image to your customers.

Indeed, your staff members should always look professional, properly dressed, and groomed. Make sure you are clear about the standards you expect to see in your salon. Also, make sure they use gloves when appropriate, and their uniform is clean and free of debris (nail shavings, hair, etc.).

Good Housekeeping Rules: First Impressions Matter!

The steps seen above will help you maintain your workplace safe, clean, and healthy. However, the premises' appearance is also important. Indeed, your clients will form their first impression of your business upon walking through the front door. And this impression can last forever!

You can start encouraging trust and confidence from the first moment with the following steps.

  • Declutter - use chest of drawers and concealed storage systems to keep instruments and tools out of the way.
  • Keep the Reception Area Organized - the reception area is the first aspect your clientele will see, make sure it is organised and free of paperwork.
  • Add Ambient Perfume - when trying to create the idea of a clean and healthy place, you need to stimulate all senses. A natural and mild ambient perfume can help you do just so.
  • Clean Windows and Mirrors - mirrors and windows can become dirty because of natural elements, such as dust and rain. They might not cause cross-contamination, but they can make the premises look unkempt.
  • Use Concealing Furniture - the right cabinets, chest of drawers, and barber stations will come with smart drawers that can help you keep your tools out of sight. If your salon is designed on an open space, use room dividers and opt for a minimalist style.
  • Play with Natural Elements - when decorating your interiors, use plants and greenery. They are much more affordable than expensive art, and they are easy to replace. Additionally, unlike objects, they won't give the idea of a cluttered place.

Don't be afraid to give your hair salon a quick makeover to increase its cleanliness and hygiene standards and enhance client satisfaction.

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