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How to Give Your Spa a Luxurious Feel and Atmosphere




Undoubtedly, clients want to feel relaxed, at peace, and in complete harmony in a spa. All the treatments and therapies are designed to enhance this feeling and encourage an escape from hectic everyday life. Your spa might be small, but with the right design tips and spa equipment, you can offer your clients the perfect experience. Find out how to transform your spa into a luxurious haven on a budget with the tips below.

Give a Luxurious First Impression

A complete spa renovation can be an extremely expensive project to undertake, especially if your business is still new. However, you should consider a makeover that can give it a luxurious atmosphere in just a few simple steps. Among these, the most important ones are redesigning the reception area.

Your customer journey starts when walking through the front door, and you will need to be ready to communicate the right atmosphere from the first moment. To do so, make sure your reception area is clean, free of clutter, and complete with comfortable couches. Make sure there is always someone available to greet your guests and show them around.

Make the Most of Your Space

Not all spas develop over several acres, and you might have to deal with smaller premises. However, you can still offer your guests the right experience by creating a well-designed flow.

Each area of your spa should be easily recognisable and spotless. You should encourage your guests to follow a precise journey through your spa, so they can enjoy the different treatments at their own time. Ensure that the relaxing atmosphere permeates corridors and walkways as well as the treatment rooms.

Pick Neutral Paint

Repainting your spa walls and surfaces is an excellent way to give it an entirely new atmosphere on a budget. When picking the right colour for your interiors, it is important to understand the effects they will have on your clients' minds. Some basic principles of colour therapy show how cooling colours can help us relax and find harmony.

Additionally, natural hues and tones can help us feel closer to the natural environment, giving us a sense of peace. When using monochromatic colours, make sure you find the right balance by adding decorative touches of colour, through plants or pieces of art.

Invest in the Right Lighting

The right lighting can change the feeling of a room. Indeed, receiving the same treatment in a brightly-lit space can be far less relaxing than when you are immersed in a peaceful atmosphere. Dim the lights and use candles to create a feeling of serenity and relaxation.

For better versatility, you might consider using dimmable lights that produce a warm light, such as 3000k to 4000k. Alternatively, you can create a focal point on the walls, so there is always some light in the room, but it is not overpowering. For this option, make sure the light is not directly in front of your client's eyes!

Use Natural Scents

While often not as valued as other senses, the sense of smell can be compelling. Indeed, it can cause us to associate a precise scent to positive or negative feelings, and it can even encourage us to return to the same experience we have enjoyed. Creating the right scent in your spa is not easy.

Indeed, you will already have the perfume deriving from the essential oil and massage oils used in the air. Adding an even stronger smell can make it challenging for the client to relax and breath in some fresh air. Instead, a mild natural smell can become a signature perfume for your spa and just linger on the main areas.

Add Relaxing Sounds

Some spas are blessed enough to be located in the countryside or beachfront. However, not all spas are surrounded by nature and away from the noises of the city. Nonetheless, wherever your spa is, it will need to give your clients the impression to be in the middle of nature.

So, adding relaxing natural sounds such as recording a bubbling brook, trees moved by the wind or a waterfall can complete the atmosphere.

Use Natural Materials

When decorating your spa, you might opt for expensive pieces of art to give it a luxurious look. However, art, sculptures, vases, and other accessories require maintenance to look new and exclusive. If you are unsure how to decorate with these elements, opt for natural details instead. You might pick plants, wooden elements, and rocks to create a natural environment for your spa. Not too different from the retreats your clients can enjoy in Bali!

Define Your Offer

Your equipment will undoubtedly make a difference in the general feeling of your spa. So, when shopping for beauty beds, pedicure stations, or other pieces of spa equipment, make sure you are investing in high-quality models.

Depending on how spacious your premises are, you won't need several treatment rooms. While that is not an issue, it is crucial to understand what your unique selling point is. Whether you have decided to offer a Himalayan salt bath treatment, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, or sound bath options, make sure you are clear on what you are offering.

Train Your Staff

Your staff represent a vital part of your spa, and you should not underestimate the difference that a well-trained team can make. If you wish to increase your spa's exclusivity and offer a more luxurious experience, you should start by training your staff to deliver a 5-star service.

Make sure each of your employees understands their role and are provided with a clean and suitable uniform. Ensure there is always someone to greet your guests at the entrance and train your staff to add personalised touches to their experience.

The Details Count

You might not be able to move your spa to more spacious or exclusive premises, but you can significantly improve its feel and atmosphere by giving it a makeover. However, if you have been working in your spa for a while, you might have become blind to its minor faults. Therefore, it is recommendable to get a second opinion before getting started. Ask a friend or auditor to evaluate what aspects need improving. Thanks to this strategy, you won't miss out on any detail, and you can spend your budget wisely.

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