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How to Design a Beauty Salon with a Vintage Theme

With the wide range of beauty salons offering so many different services, it has become necessary to be unique and stand out from competitors. Most salons these days are opting for modern themes and it has become pretty common. In order to stand out, salons need to think outside the box and provide services that are different from others. If you are providing the same services as others, it is highly unlikely to gain competitive advantage. It is useful to invest in beauty salon furniture that is exceptional and makes you different from other salons. One option is to go for a vintage theme.

A vintage theme, however, does not mean that the services provided are also old school. It is necessary to possess up-to-date equipment as clients highly demand that. What can be vintage is the furniture and the overall theme. It will surely make your salon distinct from others. There are quite a few beauty salon furniture options at Salon direct group which are a must-have for your vintage-themed salon.

Vintage Barber Chair:

An old school barber chair is the perfect choice for a vintage-themed hair salon. It has a very low-maintenance leatherette which will give your salon a unique look. It has a very elegant design and it will look absolutely beautiful if surrounded by the right furniture and theme. It has a vintage upholstery with capitonné and an elegant finishing on the metal structure and pump cover. However, elegance is not the only quality of this beauty salon chair. It is extremely comfortable as well. The headrest is movable, and the customers will surely be able to relax fully at this chair. It has all the modern features of a normal barber chair. The round bottom plate and hydraulic pump make the height adjustable easily. It has a quick recovery high density foam and an injected aluminum structure. To make it even more comfortable for customers, it has a reversible and reclining footrest as well. Therefore, it will be a perfect addition to your salon as it has an old school look and has all the modern features as well.


Waiting Bench:

If you are opting for a vintage theme, you need to ensure that the entire salon follows the them. It is important for every piece of furniture to complement the theme. The waiting area is just as important than any other part of the salon. Customers spend a lot of time here and they may decide here to make an appointment or not. It will be the first impression of your salon. This salon waiting bench is very unique and gives off a vintage vibe. It is distinctive and exclusive and admired since the 1900s. the zigzag spring seat was very common during those times. Along with its elegant design, it is very comfortable. It has a high-density foam and a wooden inner structure. The sophisticated design and comfort of this sofa will surely make it stand out from competitors. It will complement a vintage theme perfectly. 


Barber Station:

Barber chairs are not the only essential in a hair salon. Matching barber shop stations are also equally important. For a vintage theme, this barber station is perfect. It is made from a varnished, solid wood trim and the panel is also made from a varnished wood veneer. It has a very elegant and classy design and the attractive design makes it very desirable for beauty salons going for a vintage theme. Its qualities are not limited to its looks, it is very durable and functional as well. It is very spacious so that the barber can store all necessary tools and equipment in one place. It has a mirror attached and a frontal ceramic basin as well. This means that the salon does not need a separate backwash unit for washing hair. Overall, it is a very elegant and useful barber station that will go perfect with a vintage barber chair. It is a must-have for every vintage-themed hair salon. 


If you want to buy a barber chair that complements this barber station, you can take advantage of this package that provides both at a discounted price. It is cheaper than purchasing both individually. Salondirectgroup offers many salon furniture packages that help customers save money. For more information on whether salon furniture packages are actually beneficial or not, check out this article

Reception Desk:

Reception desks are the area where clients will develop the first impression of your salon. it is important to pay attention to their design and functionality as well. If the desk is spacious and helps keep the receptionist organized, it will lead to an overall positive impression towards your client. Following a vintage theme, this reception desk will be a very smart choice. It is made of natural materials to obtain an industrial style. Moreover, it is hand-finished to make it exclusive and special. It is a very unique desk and will surely stand out from others. It has a lot of cabinets to store all the essentials and a drawer with a lock as well to store valuable items or documents. It has a metallic mesh which gives it a beautiful look. This reception desk for sale is surely a perfect choice for a vintage-themed beauty salon. 


All of these pieces of beauty salon furniture uk will surely make your salon stand out. They are perfect for a vintage theme and will give a sophisticated look. Opting for vintage furniture while providing all the latest services is a good strategy, as most salons are nowadays going for a modern look. in order to be successful, one needs to be different. What matters most is that all pieces of furniture at the salon complement the overall theme. Nothing should look out of place. Other things that you can give a vintage touch to are the employees’ uniforms, old school pictures and a wooden flooring. A vintage theme can work especially for barbers catering to male customers.

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